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Piano Coat Rack

PER/USE Piano Coat Rack

An innovative coat rack is inspired by a musical instrument.

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Everyone has “The Chair” — the messy, haphazard place where discarded items of clothing, scarves, and other accessories go when they can’t go back into the closet, but they’re not dirty enough to go into the wash. The problem is that “The Chair” can become a major eyesore, let alone minimizing your seating options. For a much more stylish and organized option, a Belgian company called PER/USE has introduced the Piano Coat Rack. And out seating cries out in relief.

The Piano Coat Rack is an immensely attractive, multi-purpose wall mounted hanger panel. The genius of this normally mundane object is that it features smart foldable hooks across the width of the hanger, appearing much like the keys of a piano. These hooks transform the beautiful wood of the rack into a purposeful piece of decor. Each hook can hold anything from clothing to bags to coats and can be adapted to suit the room that it is in.

Again in the same manner as a piano key, the hooks can be reconfigured or “played” much like a keyboard. When they aren’t in use, the hooks carefully fold back in for a streamlined, space-saving impact.

Designed by Patrick Séha, who is known for a playful yet pragmatic approach to design, the coat rack comes in two sizes and a variety of premium wood finishes such as beech, oak, or walnut. The small Piano Coat Rack accommodates 20 hooks, while the large has 48 hooks. Now that is something you can really hang your hat on.