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Parlor Coffee Colombia Los Angeles Coffee

Parlor Coffee Colombia Los Angeles Coffee

This blend is immaculately fresh, shipped from the heart of Colombian coffee country just days after its roast is complete.

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$ 15

You can’t get coffee much fresher than when the beans are roasted on Wednesday and shipped straight to the cafe on Thursday, ready to be savored. Getting your hands on that a roast that pristine is easier than ever thanks to the diligent work of coffee maker Maria Bercelia. By working right in the heart of coffee country in Acevedo, Colombia, she is able to source some of the finest arabica beans in the world. The result is the Parlor Coffee Colombia Los Angeles Coffee, a blend that’s freshness is only outshined by its sheer quality.

Maria’s meticulous attention to detail and pristine processing has allowed for her to reap impeccable harvests each and every year. The Los Angeles coffee blend captures the true flavor of the season with warm, buttery notes of honey, caramel, cocoa, and stone fruit. It’s a play on textures and flavors that is both pleasing and intriguing.

This is a coffee roast that will truly perk anyone up and make the day better no matter the hour.