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Panache Customs Yamaha XS360 ‘Falkor’

With a sexy blue and black color scheme, this custom Yamaha somehow looks more original than the original.

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The Panache Customs Yamaha XS360 ‘Falkor’ not only brings the original bike to a higher threshold, but it does so with a rare ingenuity that is equal parts innovative, powerful, and downright sexy. What can we say? This custom bike refuses to lurk in the shadows of its former competition.

The custom motorcycle features a handmade rear hoop, brushed stainless steel side panels, a bespoke wiring harness, restricted electrics, and new dual front disc brakes. The new master cylinder, braided lines, and a traditional (albeit sexy) blue, black, and white color scheme give the Panache Customs Yamaha XS360 ‘Falkor’ an eye-catching final look. Equally at home turning heads at city stop lights or rushing through the countryside in a thrilling display of speed and handling, the Panache Customs Yamaha XS360 ‘Falkor’ redefines the expectations set for custom motorcycles.