Outlier Injected Linen cargo pants

Outlier Injected Linen cargo pants

Comprised of polyester mesh surrounded by a weft insert, injected linen is durable, breathable, and above all else – extremely comfortable.

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$ 248

The slim fit, gusseted crotch, and unique fabric behind the Outlier Injected Linen Cargo Pants make for an impeccably well-tailored pair of pants. On top of that, their clean silhouette, integrated belt, and multiple pockets are not just handy but add subtle style.

However, the real story behind the Injected Linen Cargo Pants lies in how they balance functionality and comfort. In an effort to create exceptionally breezy summer clothing, Outlier has utilized injected linen, a unique and innovative fabric that combines the ancient with the industrial.

Comprised of a polyester mesh surrounded by a linen weft insert, this fabric is durable, breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. Most significantly, it allows air to freely flow through it while simultaneously preventing light from penetrating. In other words, you can keep your “unmentionables” remarkably cool in the dog days of summer while ensuring that they are hidden from view.