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OPNNG Bar By Seog Be Seog

OPNNG Bar By Seog Be Seog

A combination wine bar and art gallery in the heart of Seoul.

When designing OPNNG Bar in Seoul, South Korea, architects Seog Be Seog started with this philosophy: “… the pursuit of beauty is the essence of design. Even when the object of design is a space, that essence remains unchanged.” The architects, along with the proprietor of the wine bar, determined that they wanted to create a space to enrich and stimulate creativity as well as provide a sense of community among its clientele.

The atmosphere of OPNNG Bar is not unlike an art gallery, as leading contemporary Korean artists’ works are on display throughout the bar. According to Seog Be Seog, “OPNNG is for the deep and long-term creations, not short-term pleasure and expendables that can be seen all around us. In other words, it is a space to share good tastes with people and enjoy them together. This is why the main drink is wine and the reason why artworks that the artists have put their passion and soul into are dotted around the place.”

With this in mind, the furniture pieces throughout the bar were carefully chosen so as to be harmonious with the gallery effect and not, in any way, compete with the art on the walls. Just as the furnishings are critical to the atmosphere of OPNNG, so are the lighting and materials used. The lighting, naturally, highlights the artwork and also contributes to the restful atmosphere overall, while the subtle use of wood, metal, and glass dresses the features of the bar’s interior.

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