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Casa Brutale

Open Platform for Architecture Casa Brutale

Seems like conceptiaual architecture that pushes the boundaries of living on the edge — literally and figuratively — are all the rage these days. We’ve seen a resort slice into the edge of an Icelandic cliff as well as a house hang off of one as well. Casa Brutale started off as another conceptual dwelling that slices into the edge of a cliff, with killer views of what’s beyond the cliff. The only difference between this conceptual dwelling and the others? Looks like this concept is moving forward to become a reality.

Designed by Open Platform for Architecture in 2015 with no site, client, or budget in mind, the conceptual residence that is befitting of a James Bond villain’s lair will slice it’s way into the edge of a Lebanese cliff top. With a budget of approximately $2.5 million, OPA’s cliffside residence will be bracketed by three board-marked concrete slabs and feature a glass-bottomed pool at the top with a double height living space underneath.