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Ocean Wanderlust by Kevin Koenig

‘Ocean Wanderlust’ By Kevin Koenig: A Literary Voyage Beneath The Waves

Immerse yourself in a world teeming with life, from the smallest, most elusive sea creatures to the grandeur of majestic whales.

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Oceanography and marine exploration are subjects that feel tailor-made for large-format coffee table books, where full-color illustrations and photographs shine through on high-quality paper. The latest book for any self-respecting ocean lover is Ocean Wanderlust by Kevin Koenig, another in the expanding line of releases from luxury publishing house Assouline.

Ocean Wanderlust presents a fully immersive journey into the ocean’s depths, drawing inspiration from iconic writers such as Herman Melville, Jacques Cousteau, and Jules Verne. With over 200 illustrations liberally spread throughout the 300+ pages, it’s a book that dives into the full spectrum of the underwater world, from exotic marine species to the latest submarine technology.

Continuing one of the running themes of Assouline’s non-fiction books is a nod to the influence of the ocean on art, architecture, and contemporary fashion. This analytical approach places the research in a vital context in which the scientific aspects of underwater exploration are considered in line with the need to preserve marine habitats from threats from human progress. As such, Ocean Wanderlust by Kevin Koenig is as much a compelling argument for environmental protection as it is a stunning archive of Earth’s underwater landscapes.

With a stunning linen hardcover design and a wealth of supplementary material supporting the many facts, Ocean Wanderlust confirms Assouline’s pedigree in the world of luxury brand publications.

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