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Nomos Orion neomatik 39 - 175 Years Watchmaking Glashutte

Nomos Orion Neomatik Is A Tribute To Tradition And Innovation

Limited to just 175 watches each, the series offers three elegant sizes and two high-performing calibers.

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$ 3,580+

Nomos Glashütte, the renowned German watchmaker, is celebrating 175 years of watchmaking excellence with a special edition collection of three timepieces: the Nomos Orion neomatik. This remarkable collection pays homage to tradition while embracing the future, combining classic design elements with innovative technology.

The Nomos Orion neomatik features a white silver-plated dial adorned with golden indices and steel-blued hands, reminiscent of the signature style of Glashütte master horologists. The slender and precise automatic movements showcase the brand’s commitment to cutting-edge caliber technologies.

Limited to only 175 watches each, the special edition series (Reference 345.S1, Reference 395.S, and Reference 365.S1) offers three elegant sizes (36.4mm, 39mm, and 40.5mm respectively) and two high-performing calibers – DUW 3001and DUW 6101. These automatic timepieces are exquisitely beautiful, boasting a minimalist design that is both simple and distinctive. The lenticular form of the watch sits gracefully on the wrist, exuding an aura of sophistication.

The high-precision Nomos caliber DUW 3001 is fine-tuned in six positions according to chronometer values —beauty and quality with the protection of origin. The groundbreaking DUW 6101 caliber, the first neomatik movement with a date feature is remarkably thin at only 3.6 millimeters in height. This redesigned caliber integrates the date mechanism seamlessly into the watch, positioning it uniquely on the edge of the dial for enhanced readability.

Setting the date is effortless with the Nomos swing system, which ensures precise movement and accuracy. The watch’s innovative design also includes a sliding gear that controls the cogwheels, offering three crown positions for manual winding, date adjustment, and time setting.

With the Nomos Orion neomatik – 175 Years Watchmaking Glashütte Special Edition, Nomos Glashütte once again showcases its commitment to perfection and elevates the art of watchmaking to new heights. These exceptional timepieces are priced at $3,580, $3,920, and $4,200.

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