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Nike And Roblox Partner To Launch NIKELAND Virtual World

While free for now, NIKELAND could be a place for Nike to try out new products and gauge consumers’ interests.

Nike just introduced NIKELAND and a partnership with Roblox, the virtual gaming platform. Nike says this virtual world is a new place on Roblox where fans can connect, create, and compete. What’s more, players can experience real-life movement by using their cell phone’s accelerometer to transfer offline movement to online motions such as long jumps or speed runs. The NIKELAND world takes its inspiration from the company’s real-life global headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Nike’s goal is to encourage sports and play as a lifestyle with a platform that gets users up and moving. There are detailed arenas for the Roblox community to compete in various mini-games, including tag, the floor is lava, and dodgeball.

Even better? The NIKELAND tool kit allows creators to design mini-games. Players receive blue ribbons they can use in the digital showroom to get building materials for yards. Gold medals unlock virtual products for users to outfit their NIKELAND avatar in classics like the Air Force 1 or the Nike Blazer. Nike says they plan to bring this digital world to life via Snapchat at its House of Innovation in New York City this December. Visitors on the kids’ floor will see the space as it transforms into an augmented reality version of the virtual game. NIKELAND is free for users. Jump in!

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