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Nike x UNDERCOVER Daybreak

Nike x UNDERCOVER Daybreak

Nike joins forces with streetwear label UNDERCOVER for a running collection, and the sneakers steal the show.

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$ 160

What happens when high-level athleticism meets high fashion? Well, Nike just formally joined forces with Jun Takahashi’s famous Japanese streetwear label UNDERCOVER, and elite running defines the results. Four uniquely functional and adjustable garments (think Velcro tabs and unexpected pockets) make up the collection, but the main attraction is what Nike has done best all along: the footwear. The Nike x UNDERCOVER Daybreak is a runner designed to stun on the runway, complete with speckled wedge soles and winged heel pieces that would look right at home on a sci-fi superhero’s feet.

The Daybreak will be available this summer in seven different colorways, including four for men and three for women, and options range from classic black and white to bold primary colors. And as if the stylized heel didn’t do the trick, Takahashi’s trademark stamp on the midsole distinguishes every pair as a fashion masterpiece.