Nike ISPA 2020 Sneaker Collection

Nike Reveals Bold, Experimental ISPA 2020 Sneaker Collection

The Nike ISPA 2020 Sneaker Collection infuses fundamentals from different sneakers into a line with a forward-thinking design philosophy.

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Beginning July 9th, Nike will begin releasing models of the ISPA 2020 Sneaker Collection, a project that has pushed the boundaries of design since the label’s launch in 2018. Nike Design Exploration has taken fundamentals from a range of sneakers and enhanced them with new and exciting innovations. This design philosophy has never been more apparent than in the 2020 collection. The latest sneakers from Nike ISPA include the Overreact FK Zoom Road Warrior, Overreact FK Sandal, Flow 2020, and Drifter. These Nike models are set for releases on July 9th, 10th, and 31st, August 13th, and September 1st, respectively.

The collection’s first release — the Nike ISPA Overreact FK — brings forth a design philosophy that puts comfort first by using geometrically superior internal interlocking components. The Nike ISPA Zoom Road Warrior is a runner made to take on any distance. It takes the floating heel from the Nike Shox line, the lightweight knit upper from the Alpha Fly Next%, and the ability of the Air Zoom BB NXT to redistribute impact. The Overreact FK Sandal caps off July with a different take on the 2020 collection’s debut model by infusing its sole with an enhanced tread pattern for an especially functional sandal. The Nike ISPA Flow 2020 rounds out the collection with a model made for extreme athletes with a durable, lightweight shoe that has a perforated outsole for maximum breathability.