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‘Nike: Better is Temporary’ by Sam Grawe

‘Nike: Better Is Temporary’ Digs Deep Into The Iconic Brand’s Design Philosophy

This insightful book explores brand expression, collaboration, inclusive design, and then sustainability — all clear pillars of Nike’s success.

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Nike’s internal design philosophy has always been the stuff that legends are made of and now, thanks to the new book ‘Nike: Better is Temporary’ by Sam Grawe, readers are treated to an unprecedented peek behind the swoosh. Sam Grawe was given exclusive access to Nike’s World Headquarters that, when combined with first-hand insights from many of Nike’s top creatives and executives, allowed him to paint a vivid picture of the ethos-driven design formula that has taken the world by storm.

‘Nike: Better is Temporary’ features not only previously unpublished designs that you’ll need to see to believe but also detailed prototypes, insider stories, and much, much more. As part of Nike’s ongoing Move to Zero initiative, the book will use less unnecessary materials with two exposed cardboard covers bound together in a single-layer clear jacket showcasing a series of colored tabs within. If you ever wondered how Nike was able to cement itself as an industry leader, this book will lay out how and will even shed some insight as to what the future might hold. The book is available starting this month while a wider release is scheduled for January 25, 2021.