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Newberg Residence by Cutler Anderson Architect

Surrounded by breathtaking views of nature, this house in Oregon is the perfect rural escape.

The State of Oregon offers one of the most stunningly beautiful natural habitats thanks to its abundant precipitation throughout the year. It’s a state that always seems to stay green, a place where we’d love to visit whenever things get a bit too hectic in the concrete jungle.

Although this nature-centric lifestyle can feel out of reach for those living in metropolitan areas, Cutler Anderson Architect has designed a single-family residence in Newberg, OR that embraces nature by taking advantage of its beautiful surroundings. The 1,650 sq-ft house was built on part of a 88 acre vineyard adjacent to a man-made pond. The design focus was on making the pond and residence one entity, where the house overlooks and hugs the pond. There’s also a 550 sq-ft guest house on the property that has a choreographed approach, where visitors park their vehicles 150 ft away from the house to experience an unforgettable walk through the forest and a bridge crossing a small section of the pond. Not only does the house embrace its natural surrounding, residents can easily see all sorts of creatures as well, including “dragonflies, crawfish, rainbow trout, bats, Cedar waxwings, blue heron (named Herman), wood ducks, hawks, garter snakes, frogs, salamanders, possum, deer, raccoons, coyotes.” Sounds like the perfect rural escape to us.