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‘My Morning Routine’ by Benjamin Spall & Michael Xander

How some of the most successful people in the world prepare for the day.

The masterminds behind the website MyMorningRoutine.com, Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander are fascinated with the way human beings prepare for the day, amassing more than 280 interviews with successful people from around the world. Now, Spall and Xander are sharing the morning routines of these successful people in a whole new format.

Released on May 15 by the business publishing leader Portfolio, My Morning Routine provides exceptional examples that can help you boost your productivity while contributing to a healthy and more relaxed life. From the intense (Pixar/Walt Disney Animation Studios President Ed Catmull starts his day with three shots of espresso cut with with three scoops of cocoa powder and two packets of artificial sweetener) to the sentimental (renowned fitness expert Jillian Michaels uses early morning cuddle sessions with her five-year-old as her alarm clock), this book is full of stories that will both surprise and inspire.