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MW x ASP SQUAD Waterproof Snap Jacket

Stay Dry In Style With The MW x ASP SQUAD Waterproof Snap Jacket

Inspired by classic coach jackets and FBI windbreakers, this waterproof shell offers a contemporary twist on timeless designs.

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$ 335

Introducing the MW x ASP SQUAD Waterproof Snap Jacket – a modern take on the classic coach jacket and FBI windbreakers. Designed for everyday wear, this waterproof shell is a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Crafted in the Mission Workshop Los Angeles factory, the Squad jacket is constructed with a robust waterproof/breathable Polartec Neoshell 3-layer textile, featuring waterproof seam taping throughout. Its proprietary fine gauge circular knit face and lining provide exceptional comfort, stretch, and breathability. Sandwiched between these layers is the highly breathable and waterproof Polartec NeoShell membrane.

This jacket is perfect for any occasion and suitable for all seasons, making it an ideal choice for travel and daily wear. It boasts waterproof and breathable properties, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable in various conditions. The YKK zip-secured pockets and side drawcords add practicality to the design.

Don’t miss this limited restock opportunity, available for presale. Order before midnight on January 3rd and enjoy a $50 discount with code SQ24. Your order will be shipped on January 4th, 2024. Elevate your wardrobe with this stylish and functional MW x ASP SQUAD Waterproof Snap Jacket.

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