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Mr Porter x Noah Capsule Collection

MR PORTER x Noah Capsule Collection

Brendon Babenzien brings his 14 years of experience as the design director at Supreme to this collaboration with MR PORTER.

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Noah is the brainchild of Brendon Babenzien. If you’re in the fashion industry, that name probably sounds familiar. Brendon Babenzien spent 14 influential years as the design director at the iconic streetwear brand Supreme. However, Babenzien wanted to shift his focus to a responsibly produced, high-quality clothing line that took full advantage of recycled materials. Thus, the Noah brand was born. In tandem with another high-profile menswear brand, the release of the MR PORTER x Noah Capsule Collection gives Babenzien’s label its debut. Each piece in this collection is made from recycled materials, in line with the Noah philosophy.

You’ll find a wide range of options bearing the Noah label. The dark-grey double-breasted checked wool and cashmere suit jacket is exclusive to the MR PORTER website. Other clothing options, including a baseball cap, pleated brushed-cotton chinos, and a patchwork wool trench coat are available so you can completely revitalize your wardrobe. If you’re interested in high-end designer clothing that also uses responsibly-sourced materials, then the MR PORTER x Noah Capsule Collection is an ideal fit.