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mophie Powerstation 5X External Battery

A portable battery that offers 5X power, sleek design, and dual charging.

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One of the most terrifying symbols in life might be the low battery symbol. Our heart sinks a bit with the fear of not knowing what to do without the only form of connection we seem to have to the outside world when our phone notifies us of its impending demise. With more and more phones abandoning replaceable batteries in favor of built in units, portable batteries have become more of a necessity for us. However, deciding on which battery suits our lifestyle best might be another matter.

For those that put functionality and sleek design as priorities, the Powerstation 5X External Battery by mophie should be right up your alley. Part of mophie’s slimmest line of universal power solutions, it still offers an impressive five times the additional battery power. The sleek design finished in anodized aluminum offers a premium feel to what could be considered a utilitarian object. What’s even more, the mophie Powerstation allows you to charge two devices simultaneously, in case all your essential tech decides to die on you at the same time.