Moonshots: 50 Years of NASA Space Exploration Seen through Hasselblad Cameras

Celebrate 50 years of space exploration with these high-resolution, large-format Hasselblad photos of the Earth and the moon.

Coffee table books sometimes have a reputation for being showy but having little substance. You can find more than substance with Moonshots, as it hearkens back to a rich history of our civilization and the celebration of human endeavor. Within its pages, you’ll find 50 years of NASA space exploration — seen through the eyes of NASA’s unique Hasselblad cameras. Each page features large-format, remarkably high-resolution photos of the moon, the Earth, and other photos taken during the height of the U.S. expeditions into space.

It’s no exaggeration to say that a few minutes with this book will leave you in awe — or at least with a renewed respect and perspective on our place in the universe. With a beautiful monochromatic cover, it can blend in as a classy addition to any library or study. Whether you allow it to grace your coffee table or another spot in your home, you’ll definitely be stepping up your style and the culture of your space. You might even help redefine the coffee table book genre a little.