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Mommy Sauce

Mommy Sauce Starter Kit

Korean food has been gaining mainstream popularity in recent years at an incredible pace. From the amazing Korean BBQ that gave us a whole new reason to love meat to dishes like bibimbap that gets us excited to get on board with chowing down our veggies, it’s a culinary experience that has evaded many Americans for too long. The cuisine has made its way into our daily lives as well, with more and more people attempting to cook Korean dishes in their kitchens. Despite this growing popularity, some ingredients may be difficult to find at your local supermarket, unless you make your way out to an Asian grocer, which might be difficult to find in some areas.

Brought to you by the mother of chef Roy Choi and aptly named Mommy Sauce, these flavorful sauces simplify cooking Korean food for those that may be uninitiated. Packed with the basic essential flavors of Korean cuisine, the Starter Kit, which includes bulgogi sauce, fish-soy base sauce, kimchi sauce, magic sauce, and spicy bulgogi sauce should take you one step closer to enjoying Korean dishes in your own kitchen.