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Moleskine’s Marcio Kogan Studio MK27 Note

With a bunch of smartphones and tablet PCs flooding the market today, you’d expect traditional notebook makers like Moleskine to struggle or at least falter a bit. But the company must be doing something right because its financial health has never been better and revenues have been showing double digit percentage growth for the past few years.

The Moleskine notebook may look like an old-fashioned notebook on the surface, but it’s really a cultural icon and platform for creativity that’s absolutely cherished amongst artists, designers, architects, and writers all over the world.

Recently, as part of its “Inspiration and Process in Architecture” collection, Moleskine teamed up with Brazilian architecture firm Studio MK27, led by Marcio Kogan, to release a diary which includes an interview with Kogan himself, sketches and diagrams that outline the makings of Brazilian contemporary architecture. Wonderful.