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mochibags Drawstring Backpack

Light weight and easy to use, this drawstring backpack is even durable and water resistant.

Although simple and basic, we’re big fans of drawstring backpacks. They’re easy to use, light weight, and easily packable, making them great for quick runs or excursions. Despite its simplicity, it’s not the most sophisticated way to carry your gear, but mochibags has set out to change that with their take on the Drawstring Backpack.

First off, the mochibags Drawstring Backpack retains the easy-to-use design and light weight of regular drawstring backpacks, but adds durability and even water resistance thanks to the use of Hypalon — a material used in inflatable boats. You can even attach your GoPro with the available Action Kit to your chest, or use the hook and clip on the Action Kit to use with a hydration pack. Optimized for adventures and outdoor activities, its sleek and modern design will seamlessly blend in when used in the city to carry a light load of your EDC and gear as well. It’s a drawstring backpack that opens better, organizes better, protects better, wears better, looks better, and gives you more options so you can focus on creating more epic moments and crushing life.