Mission Workshop Watchman

Mission Workshop Watchman Insulated Topcoat

Insulated with a gas-based gel nicknamed “solid air,” this coat is packed with technologies to keep you warm and comfortable.

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Mission Workshop’s warmest jacket yet is also its most lightweight. Insulated with a gas-based gel nicknamed “solid air,” the Watchman is designed for every season and packed with textile technologies that prevent your body temperature from fluctuating too much. Whether it’s 20°F or 55°F outside, this minimalist matte black jacket will warm you up and keep you dry.

What makes the Mission Workshop Watchman so good at keeping you comfortable? It’s lined with a high-performance fabric called 37.5, which is designed to manage moisture, stay breathable, and prevent overheating even as external temperatures rise. On the outside, the stretchy, durable fabric was custom-made in Italy and detailed with convenient, discreet features like an interior cargo pocket, adjustable zip-off hood, and low-profile chest pocket. Of course, it’s also finished with a water repellant that was developed for Olympic swimmers, allowing it to prevent water absorption in light rain or snow.