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Mijenta Tequila Blanco

Presenting Mijenta Tequila Blanco

Mijenta is an artisanal, small-batch tequila from the Highlands of Jalisco.

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Today, far too many tequila manufacturers are focused on producing their product as quickly as possible. While this is great for reducing expenses and improving time-to-market, it doesn’t always produce the best-tasting tequila. With its new Tequila Blanco, though, renowned tequila brand Mijenta is showing that quality over speed is still a winning formula. Mijenta’s Tequila Blanco is produced using traditional methods and a slow, meticulous process that is designed to produce a truly distinctive flavor profile. The result is a bright and flavorful tequila with strong aromas of cooked agave, vanilla, and caramel that are brought to the forefront thanks to Mijenta’s slow cooking process.

It isn’t just Mijenta’s traditional methods that set its Tequila Blanco apart in the world of quality tequilas though; by combining age-old processes with modern technology, Mijenta is able to precisely calibrate every step of their production process – from the choosing of silky, mature agave from the best plots to precise cuts in heads and tails to carefully controlled temperatures throughout the evaporation and condensation processes. While there is certainly a wide range of excellent tequilas to choose from on the market today, the Mijenta Tequila Blanco is one that anyone who considers themselves a tequila connoisseur should have the pleasure of trying a tequila that proves the fact that there is still value in traditional methods.

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