Meridian Bagpack

Meridian Bagpack

Backpack, cross-body messenger bag, over-the-shoulder bag, and a soft handheld briefcase (depending on how you hold it).

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$ 99+

What do you call something that works as a backpack, a cross-body messenger bag, an over-the-shoulder “merse,” and a soft handheld briefcase depending on how you hold it? Well, Meridian didn’t really know what to call it either, so they just dubbed it the “bagpack.”

Thanks to its patented continuous strap design, the Meridian Bagpack allows you to transition seamlessly between two-strapped back wear to single-strap shoulder wear. Even better, you can make this transition without taking it off. When it’s better to hold the Bagpack in hand, a set of traditional side handles are easily accessible.

The highly functional Bagpack allows you to easily access your belongings while keeping them securely attached to your body at all times. The Bagpack comes in graphite poly-coated nylon or full-grain leather with your choice of brown or black finishes.