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Meijs Motorman

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With more than half of the world’s population living in large metropolitan areas plagued by traffic, many are turning to the convenience and mobility of bicycles and scooters. However, for those without motorcycle licenses that do not want to pedal around on a hot summer day, your options can be limited.

For Dutch designer Ronald Meijs, the answer came in the form of an eco-friendly electric motorbike; the Meijs Motorman. There are two versions to choose from, with a top speed of either 16 mph or 28 mph, allowing those without motorcycle licenses to get around the requirement while still enjoying the freedom of riding a motorized vehicle. The bike has an impressive 62 mile range with a full charge, making everyday errands more than a swift.

The styling is impressive as well, avoiding looking like the traditional mopeds and scooters that most city-dwellers were forced to choose from. The retro-inspired design looks like something that was inspired from the early 20th century, keeping a simple profile with some nice details.

Although the top speed and range may not be ideal for those requiring to travel further, this may be the ultimate urban vehicle of choice for the style and environmentally conscious.