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Medicom Toy x Daft Punk “Random Access Memories” Stainless Steel Bearbrick set

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When the iPhone 5 was released back in 2012, some iPhone loyalists complained that the phone’s light weight design made it feel less premium in the hand.

Slim-fit jeans, slimmer laptops, lighter mobile phones; there is no denying that consumers prefer small and light devices. However, when it comes to premium products, a light weight product may betray the product’s premium quality as we have come to associate weight with a products perceived quality and credibility.

The same can be said for many that have held a Bearbrick for the very first time. Despite the premium these figures demand, most of the time they are made out of plastic, being lighter than it seems. Medicom Toy may have noticed the same thing about their products, especially when they released the highly coveted Daft Punk set not too long ago. To remedy this, Medicom Toy presents a stainless steel version of the Daft Punk “Random Access Memories” in 200%. The 400g weight of a 145 mm tall figure definitely makes the figure feel more premium and appropriate. For those who have already purchased a 100% or 400% version of the figure, this may be a good addition to the collection. And for those who have not been fortunate enough to add one to their collection, this may be the perfect opportunity to make sure you don’t miss out again.