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MB&F x L'Épée 1839 TriPod

Maximilian Maertens Designs The Jurassic Park Inspired MB&F x L’Épée 1839 TriPod

The MB&F x L’Épée 1839 TriPod embodies the sacred geometry of the number three from its glass spheres to the movement behind the clock.

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CHF 24,500

The MB&F x L’Épée 1839 TriPod is a finely crafted timepiece that embodies the power of threes – three legs, three insect-eye spheres, and three movement levels comprising its mechanical body. The TriPod is the second in a trilogy of half animal/half robot creations that MB&F calls Robocreatures. Company founder Maximilian Maertens says of the Jurassic Park inspired collection, “In the same way that H.R. Giger created his Alien universe, we’re creating our own world of creatures.” 

The clock stands on three delicate insect-like legs and has a dial composed of rotating discs. It makes a complete revolution every 36 hours and consists of 182 components and 21 jewels. Set the time and wind by hand; the engine has an 8-day power reserve and a balance frequency of 2.5Hz. The body and frame are made of brass, optical mineral glass and fluorescent acrylic shields. The TriPod is 11.8 by 10.2 inches and weighs just 6.2 pounds.

The TriPod is a collaboration between MB&F, the artistic watchmaking laboratory, and L’Épée 1839, the high-end Swiss clock maker. The latest in the Robocreatures Collection is limited to 50 each of its neon green, neon red, and neon blue versions.