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Mazda Iconic SP Concept

Mazda Iconic SP Concept Is A Twin-Rotary Hybrid Sports Car

Is this the future of the Miata?

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Mazda unveiled a sporty concept car ahead of the 2023 Tokyo auto show dubbed the Mazda Iconic SP Concept. This ultra-sleek model is the “Vision Study Model” Mazda teased last year. Its hybrid electric powertrain and larger than the current Miata dimensions are leaving everyone asking one question: is this the future of the MX5?

The full specifications of the Mazda Iconic SP Concept are not yet available. What is confirmed is that the powertrain uses a twin-rotary engine as a generator to recharge the battery, fueling the car’s electric motors. Mazda claims the Iconic SP’s engine runs on carbon-neutral fuel and can “burn various fuels such as hydrogen.” Moreover, it produces a healthy 365 horsepower.

Mazda also reassured us that this concept is designed for people who “desire a car that simply embodies the joy of driving.” Emphasizing the Iconic SP’s 50:50 weight distribution underneath its Viola red curvaceous body. The hidden headlights let us believe they pop up.

The Mazda Iconic SP Concept is about 10 inches longer than the current Miata and four inches wider. The concept car’s 3,197-pound curb weight means it’s heavier than a Miata by over 800 pounds.

Photos of the interior show a simplistic cabin with a small screen to the right of the steering wheel. Another digital screen behind the steering wheel displays a Monaco Grand Prix circuit track map with a G-force meter. Additionally, the upholstery appears to be suede with contrasting red stitching. Mazda plans to exhibit multiple examples of Miata that will hopefully paint a picture of the future of Mazda’s iconic sports car.

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