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MAKR Magazine Rack

MAKR Magazine Rack

Keep your periodicals organized in the modern and elegant magazine rack.

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Even if you’ve painstakingly made your home into the ultimate bachelor pad, without the proper organizational tools it won’t be too long until your pad becomes a pig pen. You subscribe to the best men’s magazines, but they’ve already ended up in a pile on the bathroom floor or on your coffee table as a glorified coaster. It’s time to invest in a magazine rack so that your periodicals can stay organized in one place for your convenience as well as the sanity of others that might visit your home.

Modern and minimally elegant, the magazine rack by MAKR is made of powered coated bent steel and hand sewn Horween leather. Available in pale gray with saddle tan Horween leather or charcoal with charcoal Horween Latigo leather, it’s a simple and elegant design that should have no problem swallowing up your random newspapers, magazines, and catalogues, keeping them organized and out of sight.