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Mad Max

Mad Max: Fury Road was the perfect modern day installment for the Mad Max franchise, bringing it up to date as the star, Mel Gibson, and the original trilogy began to wander from people’s memories. Although the film was more about Furiosa’s adventure through the post-apocalyptic desert and a man named Max who tagged along and grunted throughout the movie for his dialogue, it featured glorious visuals, old school action that wasn’t reliant on CGI, and a fairly simple but gripping story.

To ride on the tide of success, today we see the release of Mad Max, an open world video game that expands the franchise. It gives the word ‘sand box game’ new meaning as the game takes place on a giant sand box with no visible features other than acres of sand. It is a bit short on story telling but for those who enjoy a good third-person beat-‘em-up game, this might be up your alley. Also, the violent and exhilarating vehicular combat is something only a post-apocalyptic game can offer.

The game drops for PS4, Xbox One, and PC today, and for some game play footage as well as IGN’s take on the game, check out the video above.