Louis de Guzman Partners With Looney Tunes To Create ‘A Wild Hare’ Sculpture and Print - IMBOLDN
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Louis de Guzman x Looney Tunes ‘A Wild Hare’

Louis de Guzman Partners With Looney Tunes To Create ‘A Wild Hare’ Sculpture and Print

Louis de Guzman’s signature styling shines through in his tribute to Bugs Bunny.

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Even after 80 years, fans still can’t get enough of the suave, carrot-chomping rabbit, Bugs Bunny. His starring roles in the Looney Tunes series of short films produced by Warner Bros. established Bugs Bunny’s enduring cultural icon status. Famous for his relaxed, passive personality and depiction as a misbehaving trickster, the Bugs Bunny legacy continues to live on. The latest evidence of this is seen in the collaboration between visual artist and designer Louis de Guzman and Warner Bros. with the creation of a new vinyl sculpture of the cartoon character dubbed “A Wild Hare”.

The sculpture, standing 11-inches tall, merges the rich history of Bugs with de Guzman’s signature color palette and abstract aesthetic. “A Wild Hare” portrays Bugs in full hightail mode, glancing to the side with his signature mischievous, open-mouthed grin. In addition to the sculpture, De Guzman created a 16-inch x 16-inch brightly colored print on cotton archival paper. It shows a close-up portrait of Bugs’ face, slightly color-shifted and surrounded by even more of De Guzman’s signature forms. The Bugs Bunny “Wild Hare” vinyl sculpture and prints are available starting Thursday, December 17, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. (PST) via the mobile NTWRK app. The figure, destined to become a collector’s item, is packaged in a special circular tin that is part film canister, part Looney Tunes logo, and is covered in printed graphics.