Locknesters Bear Puzzle

With hand-sanded, barrel-tumbled metallic parts, this five-piece puzzle becomes a unique sculpture when put together.

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Part conversation starter and part modern art, the Locknesters Bear is a straightforward five-piece puzzle that becomes a unique, eye-catching sculpture when it’s put together. The first in a line of Locknesters that now includes large and small dinosaurs, astronauts, and dogs, this puzzle makes a stimulating addition to any shelf or coffee table, and it comes in three different sizes to complete your collection of hands-on art and games.

Distinct segments invite you to pick it up, take it apart, and play with the hand-sanded, barrel-tumbled metallic parts until they fit smoothly back into place as an upright bear. Whether you’re bored at home or feeling restless at a party, Bear is an attractive and relaxing way to keep your hands and mind occupied. Small Bear is two inches shorter, while Bear’s companion piece, Buddy Bear, is four inches shorter and has just three pieces.