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Yoga Book

Lenovo Yoga Book

A two-in-one tablet from Lenovo may be a game changer.

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The tablet as we know it has been pretty much the same since its inception. While the Microsoft Surface line of tablets as well as the relatively new iPad Pro try to fill the gap between traditional laptops and tablets, we’ve yet to see a product that is truly convincing in its execution. After all, the tablet has become nothing more than a glorified media consumption device to many, while the laptop is still the preferred method for productivity.

Lenovo is attempting to change all that with their new Yoga Book, a two-in-one tablet that’s nothing like we’ve seen before. The folks at Lenovo have been hard at work for three years and are adamant that this is more of a book in the traditional sense than any other tablet. The form factor is definitely akin to that of a hardcover children’s book and is incredibly thin and light. When you open it up, you have a 10-inch display like other tablets on the market, but opposite it is the Yoga Book’s main party trick; a touch sensitive pad that Lenovo calls the Halo Keyboard, which appears when you need to type but vanishes and turns into a Wacom tablet-like input device. This allows you to draw and take notes, even on traditional paper and ink with the Real Pen that will automatically digitize your write notes.

Available in Android or Windows versions, we’ll have to see if its execution is as successful as it’s concept when the Lenovo Yoga Book launches later this year.