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Leica Sofort

Leica Sofort Instant Camera

Leica’s first instant camera is full of whimsy as well as features.

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Leica may not be a brand that we usually associate with affordable products, but that seems to be changing. Well, relatively speaking, of course. In a surprise move from the high-end camera manufacturer, they have revealed their first instant camera, the Leica Sofort.

The first instant camera from Leica. is full of whimsy, offered in vibrant colors like orange, white, and mint. The Leica Sofort uses Fujifilm’s Instax film, and features pre-set modes for automatic, party & people, sports & action, and macro. As expected from such a stories brand, the camera also comes with the option of shooting multiple exposures, time exposures, self-portraits, and self-timer photos. The camera even has manual override controls as well. The Sofort will be available this November for $299, a relative bargain for a Leica.