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New Volvo V90 Cross Country

A Scandinavian beauty ready for adventure, the new Volvo V90 Cross Country will impress with its all-weather capabilities.

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Volvo has an illustrious history with creating practical wagons that are also off-road capable. Despite the public’s recent love affair with SUVs, Volvo has maintained its heritage and long history of making wagons that can swallow your weekend shopping as well as an armoire from the local flea market. Their latest V90 Cross Country is an evolution of their tried and true formula, but with a bit of Volvo’s new found design flair added to the mix.

Honing the design language first introduced with their large SUV, the XC90, Volvo utilizes the same design cues in their V90 Cross Country as well. It’s definitely a more attractive design compared to boxy Volvo’s of yore, and this all-weather variant wears the new design extremely well. It’s based on the V90, but with an increased ride height as well as a chassis optimized for control in all-weather conditions. The interior is Scandinavian modern, with genuine materials that make up for a welcoming and practical interior that will cosset its occupants in luxury. Packed with modern technology, it has a semi-autonomous Pilot Assist system, a 9-inch touchscreen with navigation, and plenty of other extras that will keep your driving experience safe and convenient.