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LEGO London Bus

Indulge your inner child (or adult) with this nostalgic and detailed LEGO London Bus.

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Here at IMBOLDN we have many fond childhood (and even adulthood) memories of playing the day away with a bucket of LEGO. These ingeniously designed blocks, which hit the scene in Denmark in the late 1930s, take their name from the Danish for “play well.” It’s a totally fitting moniker because we still enjoy these little plastic blocks.

Now with LEGO’s latest project in the Creator line you can build a series of iconic cars, buildings, and attractions. One of our favorites is the iconic red, double-decker London Bus. Everything about this mini model shows an attention to authentic details, from it’s true to color scheme, specially-made tires, destination sign, ticket bin, hand poles, and even a half-spiral staircase leading to the upper deck, like in the life size version.

These little bricks are fully functional as well with a hood that opens up to a tiny engine, a door that slides on a detailed driver’s cab, and a removable roof and upper deck which detaches to reveal a painstakingly detailed interior with seating. Even the everyday bric-a-brac of a real bus is evident in the forgotten newspaper, umbrella, chewing gum, and empty soda can left behind.

Advertising posters are also included which can be switched out to reflect modern-day ads or as an homage to the classic campaigns of the 1950s. Everything about this Lego bus delights us with the charm and nostalgia of climbing aboard a bright red London Bus on a rainy English day.