LEGO Creator Bookshop

Made for builders 15 years of age and up, this Lego set is the latest from the Lego Creator line designed to appeal to an older audience.

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$ 180

Proof that Lego is increasingly appealing to older teens and adults (many of whom grew up with the iconic play bricks), its successful Creator line uses predominantly standard bricks to create models of worldly and/or historical models that range from buildings and cars to dinosaurs and modern-day wildlife.

Comprised of 2,504 pieces and intended for builders over 15 years of age, the new Lego Creator Bookshop positions a quaint three-story bookstore next to an adjoining townhouse. Extremely detailed, the set also allows builders to create a vibrant storefront street scene complete with an autumnal tree and a late-migrating bird. As a whole, the model measures 11 inches in height, 9 inches in width, and 9 inches in depth.

The bookshop itself features a display window, bookshelves, and a quiet reading nook. The set also includes 5 mini-figures to populate the world as Birch Books customers and/or townhouse tenants.