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LEGO Audi RS Q e-tron

The LEGO Audi RS Q e-tron – An Epic Off-Road Adventure In Miniature

This cutting-edge LEGO Technic model captures the essence of Audi’s visionary all-electric off-road vehicle.

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LEGO will soon launch the Audi RS Q e-tron that features individual suspension across all four wheels, along with other mechanisms inspired by its real-life counterpart. It’s also a fully functioning electric car that can be put to the test using the CONTROL+ smartphone app to drive backward and forward and steer the car. Constructed of over 900 pieces, there’s plenty here to explore, and LEGO has seen fit to offer detailed instructions via their LEGO Builder app.

This set incorporates many features from the real Audi RS Q e-tron rally car, including a new Technic wheel element created especially for this model. And just like the real car, this model version features independent suspension on each of the 4 wheels. The LEGO Technic building set measures over 6 in.high, 14.5 in. long, and 7 in. wide.

As you might expect from a LEGO product, the build quality is exemplary, with each piece constructed from components that are designed to meet global safety standards. The result is a robust and fully operable replication of Audi’s flagship rally car that kids will no doubt have hours of fun putting together and driving. The set will be available starting August 1st.

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