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LEFF Amsterdam Tone

LEFF Amsterdam Tone Wall Clock

Beautiful minimalist clock is all about the contrast of materials, not colors.

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It could be argued that clocks and watches have become obsolete, as a quick glance at any smartphone can give us the time. Practically speaking, most people already rely on their phones to tell the time, with their watches becoming either just a fashion accessory or a piece of wearable tech that does a lot more than just tell time. It’s the same thing with old school clocks, as we’re often perplexed by their purpose these days, when we’re always surrounded by some device that can quickly give us the time in less than a glance.

Despite their declining usefulness, a beautifully designed clock still plays a major role in any room, acting as a focal point. Even in a sparsely designed room, a killer clock can not only liven up the room but also tie the room together. Case in point, the LEFF Amsterdam Tone Wall Clock is a minimalist clock that can set the tone in any room. It’s design is focused on the contrast of materials rather than colors, with a transparent spot varnish that’s printed on a matte dial. This allows the light of the room to set the tone, where the index print can shift from being visible to even invisible depending on how the light hits the clock. Available in black, grey, or white, let this wall clock become the focal point of your room.