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Lambda Solid Brass Top

This precision crafted top is made from a solid piece of brass with a ruby tip.

Lambda makes a variety of precision crafted tools, such as pens and flashlights. Although their fastidious approach to manufacturing lends itself well to these precision crafted tools, their most interesting product maybe their Solid Brass Top.

Although it can be dismissed as a toy, a top is an entertaining object that can be appreciated by both children and adults alike, and surprisingly has much more in common with precious crafted tools than you’d expect. Instead of balancing on a machined tip, the Lambda Solid Brass Top uses an instrument-grade ruby that’s perfectly round and smooth. The ruby’s perfect sphere means that you have an ideal point of contact that keeps the top level when spinning, translating to a more efficient and longer spin. You may dismiss it as a toy, but a Lambda’s top is a beautifully crafted object with a level of precision that you just don’t find in a toy. To witness Lambda’s top staying perfectly level for what may seem like an impossible length of time, check out the video below. Disclaimer; it’s not a still image.