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kōno Productivity System

Boost Your Work Performance And Focus With kōno’s Innovative Productivity System

Eliminate digital distractions and optimize your productivity.

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Are you tired of digital distractions hindering your productivity? Look no further than the kōno Productivity System. Designed to help you achieve your full creative and productive potential, kōno eliminates digital distractions during your workday. Whether you’re a student, professional, or creative, kōno offers a variety of features to support proven productivity methods like the Pomodoro Technique (widely considered one of the best time management methods available), timeboxing, and single-tasking.

With kōno, you can customize your productivity tool to fit your unique work style. Choose from Focus, Meeting, and Communication modes, or create your own to maximize your productivity. The kōno timer helps you alternate between deep work focus sessions and break periods, allowing you to flex your focusing muscles and optimize your productivity.

The timer’s physical design is just as impressive as its features. Simply flip the timer to activate a mode on your Mac, and when it’s time for a break, flip it on its back to enter break mode. Kōno also allows you to create custom automations to shut down work messaging apps or open Spotify to play relaxing music on your Mac, giving your brain much-needed pauses throughout your workday. With the kōno Productivity System, you can accomplish more and unlock your full productive and creative potential. Kōno is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

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