Knog Cobber Bike Lights

Knog Cobber Bike Lights

These curved bicycle safety lights emanate 330º of illumination to expand your field of vision and make you visible from all angles.

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$ 45+

When you think about frame-mounted bicycle safety lights, you probably don’t think about state-of-the-art innovation. But the biking accessory specialists at Knog are prepared to challenge your preconceptions with their new Cobber Bike Lights.

Available in white for the front and red for the rear, these lights provide an impressive 330º of emanating illumination to keep you well appraised of everything before you and allow you to be clearly seen by others from all possible angles. Although the compact Lil’ Cobber offers ample visibly with 110 lumens of power, if you want some serious brightness, step up to the elongated Big Cobber that registers an incredible 470 lumens.

Whatever Cobber you choose, you’ll get built-in USB recharging, waterproof construction, and easy silicon strap installation. By pairing your Cobber with the integrated ModeMaker app, you can program elements such as brightness levels and operational runtimes with absolute precision.