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Kith x BMW M4 Competition Limited Edition

Kith Edition 2022 BMW M4 Competition Is A 503 HP Fashion Accessory

Kith and BMW collaborate to design limited edition 2022 BMW M4 Competition and clothing collection.

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Last week, the founder of streetwear fashion label Kith, Ronnie Fieg, posted teasers on social media hinting at a collaboration with German automaker BMW. We finally get to see what this new venture is. Spoiler alert – it’s a limited edition BMW. What we are looking at is a Kith edition 2022 BMW M4. A limited production run of only 150 examples built, all of which sold out immediately. The Kith BMW M4 Competition features bespoke interior and exterior details which are different from other M4 models.

Fieg, being an avid BMW enthusiast, debuted the Kith edition BMW M4 Competition alongside his own personal BMW E30. The 80s sports saloon icon is officially the only Kith edition BMW E30 M3 after a full restoration in Germany. The Kith M4 wears a shade of Cinnabar Red, like the original M3, a color that was resurrected just for this limited edition package. Other color options include Frozen Black, Frozen Brilliant White, and Frozen Dark Silver in a matte finish. The car features unique badges that blend Kith’s and BMW’s logo into one. The carbon-fiber roof panel featuring Kith lettering and M stripes woven into the material is available as an option. The interior of the Kith edition M4 sports a set of M carbon bucket seats in black with light blue and red inserts. Kith’s logo is woven in a pattern on the headrest and an exclusive badge is proudly displayed on the center console. It isn’t a special edition until everyone knows it.

The Kith edition BMW M4 Competition does add performance to the vehicle’s standard set up. The Kith M4 is powered by a 3.0-liter straight six dual-wielding a set of turbos to produce 503 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. The other side of this collaboration is Kith clothing brand offering a 96-piece collection of designed apparel and accessories, creating the ultimate shopping experience for brand loyalists.