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Kia Concept EV5

Kia Unveils The Concept EV5 As A Smaller Variant Of The EV9

Set to arrive in China before the U.S.

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When it rains, it pours. A few days after unveiling the production-spec of the all-new EV9, Kia introduces the concept EV5 as it slowly widens the scope of its electric future. At the moment, details on the Kia concept EV5 are as slim as its front LEDs, but we know that the first market it’s heading towards is China.

Based on the concept renderings, we can tell the Kia EV5 continues the design language of the EV9. It’s a stylish, flat plane box that we assume is built on the E-GMP platform like the other Kia EV models. If that’s true, we can reasonably assume the EV5 features an 800-volt electrical architecture and optional multiple battery-pack options for single and dual motor layouts.

Inside, the Kia concept EV5 SUV features rear-hinged rear doors that open wide in addition to front and rear seats that swivel in all directions to explore the cabin’s interior space fully. We can also see a minimalistic dashboard layout and a platform in the cargo area that can apparently be used as a coffee table for picnic or tailgating events.

Kia stated the EV5 is heading to the Chinese market first but that more details will be announced later in the year. However, we suspect the Kia EV5 will eventually make its way to the SUV lineup in the United States.

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