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iOS 10

iOS 10

Apple announces the new iOS 10, and may unintentionally usher in an age without words.

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The highly anticipated Apple WWDC introduced a number of software updates for the company’s products, the highlight of which was the new iOS 10. It’s hard to believe that iOS is already in its 10th iteration, being the smartest and most powerful yet.

For iOS 10, Apple focused on bringing 10 new features. From updating the lock screen to strengthening Siri to be smarter (which also makes its debut in the macOS Sierra), iOS 10 should make it a lot easier for users to get the relevant information they need without jumping around from app to app.

Two standout updates are the new Photos app that feature facial and object recognition that’s paired together with a smarter AI which can create more relevant memories by clustering related photos together. More than that, the Messages app welcomes new features like bubble effects, handwritten messages, larger emojis, and the ability to search all emojifiable words in your text. Looks like Apple might be unintentionally ushering in an age without language, as it seems like we won’t need words to communicate anymore.

To see iOS 10 in action, check out the video below.