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Inoda + Sveje DC09 Dining Chair

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One of the most overlooked parts of a man’s space might be the dining area; in all honesty all we need is a large flat surface to put stuff on and comfortable chairs to place our bottoms. Many times we allude to the practicality of our purchases and decisions, yet the dining chair may be the most difficult piece of furniture to get right for those who wish to graduate from the perpetual Ikea pieces that follow us from young adulthood and beyond.

The DC09 dining chair might be the perfect default chair for those wishing to up your furniture collection game to something more sophisticated and timeless. A collaborative effort between Inoda+Svege and Japanese manufacturer Miyazaki Chair Factory, the solid wood chair features thin and gracefully organic lines while still being rigid and structurally sound. Not only does it look and feel modern but it’s natural and neutral enough to be a part of any interior.