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It takes quite a bit of careful planning and thought to truly design a building that is in harmony with its surroundings. The architect must take time to observe the site’s surroundings and changes with the passage of time, which can be more than many architects are willing to invest into a project. However, for those that really get to understand their site, the end results are always rewarding.

IROJE Architects & Planners did exactly that when they designed the Hyunam (Black Cottage) within the Saya Botanical Garden located in Gunui, Korea. The stunning building sits on a dramatic hill but exists in pure harmony with its surrounding landscape and wild botanical garden. The approach towards the house keeps the building’s presence at a minimum to harmoniously blend in with nature. From the opposite side, the structure protrudes from the ground as if it had been elevated from an underground world. Once inside, the house truly puts nature first and harmoniously brings the outside in. The unobstructed views of the surrounding mountains and sky acts as a breathtaking backdrop to a space that is truly serene and meditative.

The architect emphasizes that there was no architectural concept for the building, but rather that the intent was for the person and nature to exist in complete silence. That sounds like a strong concept to us and seems like Hyunam was a successful realization of that concept.

Via ArchDaily