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Hyperkin Smartboy

Hyperkin SmartBoy

For someone that grew up during the early 90s, Nintendo’s Game Boy holds a special place in our hearts. It was a must have item during that short commute to school on the back of the school bus, and for those who weren’t fortunate to have one, being able to play your friend’s if he was feeling generous enough was something that could make your day.

When the first iPhone came out, some of us automatically made the mental connection between our beloved Game Boy and our shiny new phone, not just because of the apps that mimicked some old-school games of yore but also because of its size and shape. We’ve even seen some iPhone cases that make your phone look like a Game Boy.

Finally, the real deal is here. The Hyperkin Smart Boy attempts to capitalize on our childhood memories with a peripheral that attaches to your smart phone, offering the same set of buttons that you’ve gotten familiar with so many times playing Tetris or as Mario. Just pop in one for your hold Game Boy cartridges that’s been lying around in your parents attic and you’re good to go.