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Human Sound Smart Headphones

A revolutionary wireless headphone/communication device that takes its design inspiration from the human form.

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The human body is a design marvel, with every part continuously performing their function in perfect synchronization with each other. There’s so much to learn from how our body is designed, yet most products on the market seem to diverge from the lessons we can learn from looking at our own image. Based out of Seattle, Washington, Human is revolutionizing the way we think about product design, starting with the Sound Smart Headphones.

It’s a completely new kind of audio and communication device, inspired by the design of your ear. It attaches comfortably and securely, designed for you to wear continuously throughout the day and even at night. It has no physical buttons, but the controls are intuitive; the headphone will detect whether it’s on your ear or not and pause or play your music automatically. The device turns on when the two headphones are separated and turns off when they are put back together. These functions can also be controlled via touch commands as well. There’s a social aspect to the Sound as well, where individuals wearing it can listen to the same audio simultaneously. It also works as a loudspeaker when both earphones are brought together. Sound users from different cultures can carry conversations with other Sound users in their native tongue its live-time language translation system. It also monitors your health and sleep as well, a feature that was once only dedicated to activity and sleep monitors. A completely unique approach to headphone design, this is a revolutionary leap forward in the wireless headphone market.