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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announces their highly anticipated next console, the Nintendo Switch, with a promotional video that shows off its features.

Nintendo finally reveals their next generation console by giving us a first look at the Nintendo Switch. Formerly only referred to as the Nintendo NX, it’s a mix between a home console and a portable console that allows you to take the action on the go, with attachable stick controllers call Joy-Con on the side of a tablet. When at home, you can attach it to the docking station and enjoy your games on the big screen, but instantaneously take it on the go. The Joy-Con controllers can be operated on the tablet or independently, but a more traditional controller will be available as well.

Official details have yet to be released, like battery life or available games, but expect to see more details released closer to March of next year. In the mean time, check out the official promotional video below to see how the system works.